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WEG SOFT STARTER – 30HP – 220-575VAC – SSW9 WEG – SSW900B0045T5E2B


WEG SOFT STARTER – 30HP – 220-575VAC – SSW9 WEG – SSW900B0045T5E2B

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Soft-starters are drives dedicated to the smooth acceleration and deceleration of three-phase electric motors, by controlling the voltage applied to the motor. With proper adjustment of the variables, the torque produced is adjusted to the load requirement, thus ensuring that the requested current is the minimum required for starting. The SSW900 is a soft-starter with three-phase motor control, built-in by-pass and torque control. Intended to drive motors from 10 to 1.400 A.


Centrifugal, reciprocating pumps (sanitation, irrigation and oil), fans, exhausters, blowers, air compressors, refrigeration (screw and piston), mixers, aerators, centrifuges, rock crushers, grinders, woodchippers, paper refiners, rotary ovens, wood saws and planes, ball and hammer mills and load conveyors.


Rated current45A
Power supply220-575V


colors.png Technical Data

  *If the item is over 100 lbs, forklift is required at commercial delivery location only, otherwise we will charge $100 Liftgate service fee . For residential addresses additional delivery fees may apply

Standard Features

  • Built-in bypass, providing size reduction and energy savings
  • Ambient temperature up to 55°C without current derating
  • Possibility of standard connection (3 wires) or motor inside delta connection (6 wires)
  • Inputs and outputs with programmable functions and quick connect terminals
  • Different control methods via extremely high-performance algorithms, totally flexible, to meet the needs of any motor start and stop application needs
  • Pump control function for smart control of pumping systems
  • Advanced techniques to detect faults in the power supply and connections, enabling the user to choose the protection actuation between fault or alarm for full motor protection
  • Fire mode (emergency start)
  • Oriented start-up
  • WPS: free software to program both soft-starter and SoftPLC
  • 2 independent slots to connect plug-in modules
  • Real time clock
  • Fault and alarm log saved with time and date by the RTC
  • Exportation of the WPS history to csv file
  • Optional varnishing of the standard 3C2 or 3C3 boards, according to IEC60721-3-3