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4 Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Water Pump

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Before making your water pump purchase, there are a few things you need to think about. Here are the top four factors to consider for finding the right water pump for you.


One of the first steps in finding the right pump is determining how much flow you need. Flow can be described in terms of GPH(Gallons Per Hour) and/or GPM(Gallons Per Minute). This is basically how much volume of water is being pushed through the pump at any give time. For example, a 600 GPH pump can fill a 5-gallon bucket in 30 seconds.



The term Head refers to the maximum height the water can reach from the pump. This is an important part of determining the right water pump. For example let’s say you are buying a submersible well pump. The depth that you place the pump must be less than the maximum head of the pump. Otherwise, the water will not reach the surface.

If your submersible pump has a maximum head of 150 feet and you submerge it 151 feet deep your flow will be zero and you will get no water. Some pump also have a minimum Head. If a pump is used below the range of the minimum head it may become damaged.


The max psi is the amount of pressure that a pump is capable of producing. This can be an essential factor in choosing the right pump. Pressure adds kinetic energy to the water allowing it to flow through pipes without the use of gravity. This is especially useful for pump applications that require nozzles or sprinklers to function. For example, lawn sprinklers need the minimum pressure for them to function correctly.



The next thing that you need to consider when buying a water pump is type of water that you are pumping. This will make a big difference in choosing the correct pump. Is the water fresh or salty? Is the water dirty or clear? Does the water have leaves and dirt in it? All of these are important questions to ask before making your water pump purchase.

For example, let’s say you need a pump for irrigation but the water source is full of leaves. In this case you would need something that could handle the leaves without getting obstructed. That would be something like a trash pump, which has the ability to chop up debris.


While these are all there is to know about purchasing a water, they are a good start. Before you make your pump purchase, please consider all of these factors. This will help ensure that you get the right product for your application and a pump that can last years instead of months. Things like flow, head and pressure are essential parts of your water system. Taking these into consideration will save you time and headaches down the line.


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